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One of our specialties is carrying out revisions to the larger "USA CAR" engines. In particular with revision referred to bring it back in such condition that these can function as new. Also, share revisions are possible.
First of all, all parts stripped of oil, fat and other forms of dirt. This is followed by an inspection of the respective parts and an analysis of the causes of the problems that have arisen.
Then, the affected parts disassembled.
If it turns out that this back problem-free function, they can be put to use again. When in doubt about the weather function properly will be replacement of the part is recommended.
Various revisions activities are:

Crankshaft grinding.
When a motor is crashed because a bearing of the crankshaft is worn or broken, the crankshaft must be smoothed. After smoothing the crankshaft an undersize bearing is applied and the crankshaft again is ready for many miles.

Crankshafts balancing.
To make an engine completely vibration-free, the crankshaft has to be balanced. The balancing of the crankshaft is mainly used for fast and racing engines to avoid imbalance. An imbalance of the crankshaft can affect the ability of the engine as far as pull and power output.

Resurfacing Cylinder head.
By overheating of the engine, the cylinder head will be crooked. This allows the head gasket to leak. Then it is necessary to resurface the cylinder head.
To make a cylinder head suitable for Liquified Petroleum Gas (L.P.G.) or unleaded gasoline, the valve seats have to be replaced by hardened seats (cutter). This valve seats are extremely suitable for engines on l.p.g., high loaded engines and for engines with a chapped combustion (lean burn).

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Cylinder block honing.
In a running engine continuously the Pistons move up and down in the cylinders. In the long run causes wear and tear on parts of the cylinder wall. Overheating could cause the piston still further expansion until he scrapes along the cylinder wall. Even greater damage to the cylinder wall can occur for example, if the piston rings are broken and they end up in the cylinder.The cylinder wear is reflected in higher oil consumption and reduced compression.To fix this, the cylinder will be reamed until he is regular in shape again. Because the diameter of the cylinder now is slightly larger, new oversized Pistons mounted.

Drilling and honing of the cylinders.
If it appears that a cylinder wall is damaged, then drilling the cylinder wall must restore the perfect roundness. After the fine drilling is a post processing in the form of honing.
This means that the grove traces of drilling are being removed.
There is also a certain structure in the cylinder wall in order to get the right balance between minimum oil consumption and minimum wear of the piston rings. Errors in the preparation, such as taper, cylindricity or wavy will be corrected by honen at a precise size control and control of roughness.In many cases it may be that honing is replaces by internal grinding.

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